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  Hotel program

“DAKOM” doo has been, for 10 years now,  the exclusive  dealer  on behalf of the greatest bed-linen goods manufacturer, “ODEJA”  Škofja Loka, form Slovenia, with a tradition of over 80 years.
Production and manufacture program includes:  PILLOWS, BLANKETS, MATTRESSES, QUILTS, BED SHEETS.
Each and every product is made of highest quality materials—microfiber, with modern coloring and design. They are filled with special polyester, cotton of woolen fibers,  certified by ECO TEX STANDARD 100, ISO9001 i ISO14001.
All the products are medically tested, and verified with antibacterial, anticlerical and antiasthmatical traits, guaranteed to prevent bacterial growth; they have high warmth and moisture regulation, providing thus an optimal microclimate. Machine wash and dry are perfectly acceptable, and no-deformities, as listed in the enclosed manuals.
Keeping in mind all of the above mentioned facts, “DAKOM” is the ideal provider for HOTELS, APARTMANTS, and other tourist and health-care objects,  as well as all the others in need of comfortable, relaxed, and healthy sleep.




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